Grafton Clinical Genomics

Grafton Clinical Genomics (GCG) is a collaboration between the University of Auckland and Auckland DHB as part of the Auckland Academic Health Alliance

We have an IANZ accredited laboratory located in the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, University of Auckland on its Grafton Campus.

Grafton Clinical Genomics (GCG) has been established to:

  • Provide consolidated genomics capability to support research, clinical and translational groups at the University of Auckland and Auckland DHB as part of the Academic Health Alliance relationship.
  • Provide a research active genomics and bioinformatics training platform for graduate students.
  • Host and train medical laboratory scientists and clinicians in a number of relevant disciplines, including laboratory genetics, molecular pathology, bioinformatics and oncology.
  • Maintain a clinically accredited genomics facility capable of supporting the growth of the Integrated Cancer Centre (link) and the vision of precision medicine in the Auckland region.
  • To further develop and offer gene genomics analyses (gene panels, whole exome sequencing, RNA-Seq etc.) for adult and paediatric patients with solid tumours and blood cancers, in collaboration with colleagues at ADHB and StarShip Childrens’ Hospital in this fast paced area of medicine. 
  • To develop local capabilities in the field of genomics – for example the development of Solid Tumor oncology panel, Breast cancer gene expression panel, myeloid gene panel as national services